Aqueous Aggressor
August Atlantean Ancestry
Amoral Artificer

Solo d8 - buddy d6 - team d10

Blessings of Neptune

Swimming d8 - Psychic Resistance d8 - Water Control d8

Enchanted Trident d8 - Telepathy d8

SFX: Area Attack - SFX: Healing

Limit: Mutant

Hybrid Atlantean Physiology

Strength d12 - Durability d10 - Reflexes d12 - Stamina d10

SFX: Collateral Damage - SFX Grappling

Limit: Fish Out of Water


Combat Master d10 - Menace Master d10

Covert Expert d8 - Tech Expert d8

Vengeance is the law for thee, A thousand leagues below the sea…

1xp When Menace is utilized in a dice pool

3xp When emotional stress is inflicted using Menace

10xp When you inflict Trauma on or Forgive some one who bested me

There are no fingerprints deep under water, nothing to tie one to a crime…

1xp When Atlantean Heritage is invoked

3xp When Atlantean Heritage is the cause of a conflict or confrontation

10xp When you Go into the Water, Live there, Die there. Or maybe the surface isn’t that bad.


Name: Walter Watterson
aka Marine-O-Taur
aka Water Bear


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