The Brown Recluse


Last Member of the Arachnid Eight
Hyper Aggressive

Solo d8 - buddy d6 - team d10

Spider DNA Injection

Stamina d10 - Strength d10

Speed d8 - Reflexes d8

SFX: Unleashed - SFX: Second Chance

Limit: Exhausted

Armored Carapace

Durability d10 - Weapon d10

SFX: Counter Attack - SFX Dangerous

Limit: Grear


Combat Expert d8 - Menace Expert d8 - Acrobatic d10

Covert Expert d10 - Crime Expert d8

Unnamed Milestone.

1xp When you inflict physical stress in a scene.

3xp When another Villain rebukes you for your violence or you threaten another Villain with violence.

10xp When you kill some one in front of innocents or recover from your rage in front of innocents without having inflicted trauma on anyone.

Simply The Breast.

1xp When you ask about the last members of Arachnid Eight.

3xp When you find out more about Arachnid Prime.

10xp When you find Arachnid Prime.


The Brown Recluse

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