With the advent of super-intelligent gadgeteers making all manner of hyper-advanced equipment, it is inevitable that it would advance the general technological state of the world. Indeed there are many advanced technologies that are available on the black market and by certain high-tech companies – if the price is right.

Black Market Items

Under V’sori rule, all weapons, armors, and their accessories have been outlawed, as well as certain miscellaneous gear deemed dangerous. They can only be obtained through the Black Market, and as such many an Omega member has had dealings or connections to the them.

Z-Belt, Electro-Lance, Warp Shunts

Nullifier Gun, POS-1 Netgun, POS-2 Foam Thrower

HeroKiller guns and ammo, CommLink, Nullifier Shackles

The Gem of Koh-i-Noor


Ground Vehicles

Barracuda - King Crab - Sargasso - Stingray


M’buna - Man O’ War - Manta

Yaschuk Aerodyne Flying Car


Atlantean Seahorse


Personal wealth and the financial
resources of corporations
and nations are not precisely
measured in the game.
Heroes that have wealth issues
usually have a Distinction to
that effect on their datafile.
It’s assumed that heroes have
enough money or are backed by
powerful enough organizations
to focus on saving the world
rather than balancing checkbooks.
Scenes built around
money should be about things
heroes can’t easily handle—for
example, securing a huge sum
of money to hire the best lawyer
for the defense of a friend
wrongly accused of a crime.
During a Scene, any heroes
hoping to make use of wealth—
or secure it—may roll against
the doom pool, just as allies
roll recovery actions. Heroes
should tap into Specialties like
Business and Psych to create
wealth-related Assets like Bank
Loans, Cash-Filled Suitcase,
and Second Mortgage. Less
scrupulous heroes can tap into
Specialties like Menace and
Crime to get Assets such as A
Bag of Gold Teeth or a Loan
from the Kingpin.
When framing and running
Scenes centered on money,
don’t hesitate to create Scene
Distinctions and complications
like Bounced Check, Where’s
My Money, Bad Credit, and Bank
Account Frozen.


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