Event Milestones

Compromise V’sori Infrastructure

The V’sori and their K’tharen allies possess much greater resources and equipment than the resistance. If you’re going to stand a chance, you’ll need to even the playing field.

1 XP When you stress out a Drone squad or wreck a piece of V’sori hardware.

3 XP When your destruction of infrastructure results in collateral damage to innocent bystanders or villains on your side.

10 XP When you destroy or commandeer a major V’sori resource or an irreplaceable piece of technology.

Lead the charge!

Before the fight against the V’sori, it might have been easy to be a lone wolf or maintain a carefree attitude. Now villains need to band together with the others on their side of the fight, and someone needs to step up and lead. Maybe that someone is you.

1 XP When you accept leadership or act as the leader in the midst of a conflict.

3 XP When you discuss the difficulties of leading your allies against the V’sori with an ally.

10 XP When you lead your side to a significant victory, or your actions as leader result in the death of one of your teammates.

Event Milestones

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